Port Eliot 2016

Port Eliot is a highlight of our festival calendar and this year we were rewarded with the most glorious weather..

It was beautiful and a wonderful celebration in honour and memory of Peregrine Eliot, Earl of St Germans; a most generous host who has enabled so many to experience and enjoy so much through the annual Port Eliot Festival.

We added model making workshops to our repertoire and created a whole herd of elephants that scattered themselves throughout the Port Eliot Estate. We continued the elephant theme through our scene and created an elephant who trumpeted a rainbow from his truck awash with the few festival goers who had managed to leave the sunshine for long enough to create something in clay. 



Secret Garden Party 2016

We were over the moon to be headed back to the Secret Garden Party for 2016 to create a scene to work with their theme of 'Gardeners Guide to the Galaxy'. 

We stocked up on bright modelling clay, painted out the scene with a black background (which I later regretted due to the less adhesive nature of paint) and created a wondrous journey through the galaxies, discovering the creatures of the various planets yet to be discovered by man... 

It was a hoot. The weather was glorious and the folk at the festival were truly delightful. 

Cinema Museum 2016

Our second outing of 2016 was at the Cinema Museum in Kennington. It is an absolute favourite of ours and if you've never been - you should go; it is a most brilliant archive of every kind of thing from the history of cinema. It is also based in the Workhouse where Charlie Chaplin lived as a child. 

The theme of the scene was Chaplin to coincide with a celebration of Chaplin films. IT was a really special weekend and we had some excellent creations for the scene. 


Smashfest 2016

Smashfest is a brilliant science and education festival for children and the scene machine was invited along to capture the creative creations of the great minds that had come together for the festival. 

We created an amazing scene that was lit in vivid pink (unplanned but very effective). 


Bristol Harbourside Christmas Market 2015

This was our biggest scene yet; we created a massive billboard and spent 4 weekends creating a scene of the Bristol Harbourside Christmas Markets.

Despite the weather (was legendary in its awfulness) there was masses of cheer (helped by the bands, twinkling lights and mulled cider) and literally hundreds of folks added themselves to the festive scene. 

Kirsty Allsopp 12 Days of Christmas 2015

Ahead of the Kirsty Allsopp Handmade Christmas Fair we created a series of short animated films that could be used to promote the festival online. 

It was a great opportunity to get creative and into the christmas spirit (it also enabled us to create some characters that would lend themselves to dancing in the scene that we created in Manchester).


Kirsty Allsopps Handmade Christmas 2015

We took the Scene Machine along to Kirsty Allsopps Handmade Christmas in Manchester which took place at the end of November and drew together the great and the good of creative crafts. 

It was a delight to see our old friend Suzie 'beans' Johnson (queen of beautiful knitting) and a treat to meet Annie Sloane and team (who you can find amongst the crowd in the scene). 

It was a lot of fun and filled with festive cheer.  

Good Life Experience 2015

The Good Life Experience is without doubt a whoppingly adventurous weekend. We love it because it is chock-full of bonfires, axes and brilliant bands. It also plays host to a mass of makers who share their talents and creativity with those who come along to the festival to enjoy the good life... 

We were alongside the delightful Doodle Planet and Sarah Jereth (both brilliantly talented human beings) and had a fantastic time creating a wonderful scene. 


Shambala 2015

Shambala is a bonkers and brilliant festival. If you want to fully immerse yourself in a moment - this is one of those moments. This scene is a monster; packed full of crazy creations and if you go and watch the movie - a myriad of interwoven tales. It was a lot of fun and beautiful weekend to get lost in the english countryside.


Secret Garden Party 2015

The Amazing Scene Machine had its first outing at The Secret Garden Party in 2015; we built a beautiful victorian puppet theatre, mounted it on a wooden hand cart and headed into a field armed with a trunk of modelling clay, a camera and boundless enthusiasm. 

The festival was its wettest ever and we were landlocked in our circus tent, recreating the festival in the medium of modelling clay. 

We had a blast and made an awesome film.

Secret Garden Party 2015